About Us

KINGS OF PONG started out as Denmark's first supplier of professional Beer Pong equipment - now our tables are publicly available in more than 100 bars and nightclubs throughout Denmark, and also in hundreds of private homes. Now we are the largest supplier in Scandinavia.

Our overall mission is to make Beer Pong more popular in Europe - and to start with in Scandinavia. We are working on this both through our role as a supplier of Beer Pong equipment, and by actively helping with tournaments and the like across countries.


If you have questions, whatever it may be, please write to us at: mail@KINGSOFPONG.com
- We will then contact you by mail (or phone if desired).

We are open to new ideas and initiatives, so please contact us if you have a great idea!


KINGS OF PONG is owned by Prestige Worldwide Trading I/S.